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Power Flush

That Clog Away

Feeling Powerless about your clogged plumbing? Let Quicker Rooter Plumbing flush your woes clean. Power Flushing is the most effective way to clear up any issues with your pipes.

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Sometimes the traditional methods of clearing a clog just isn’t going to cut it.  The list of greasy, gooey substances that could be blocking your drain is huge – we’ve seen it all.

We have the powerful equipment to get it all out. Power flushes are used on any drain or sewer line when there is a build up of grease and sludge in the lines or when tree roots have penetrated through sewer lines.


There is no clogged drain that this sophisticated piece of equipment can’t handle.  It’s a professional, high-powered water jetting machine with specialized nozzles to flush that line totally clear!  In the case of tree roots, we use a powerful chain cutting attachment specifically designed to cut through roots, quick and easy.  Power flushing will restore your drain and sewer line to its optimal condition – and help you keep it that way.


When you call Quicker Rooter to fix your clogged drain, we show up with all the best equipment to get it done fast!

Our sewer camera is fed into the line to detect the location and cause of the clog within minutes. At this point we know exactly what we’re up against and what tool we need to get it out.  Often, this tool is our power flusher.  Whether its grease, or paper, or a tree root – this machine will get it out fast. Once the power flush is completed, we once again inspect the line to ensure the clog is completely eradicated. You’ll have the evidence for yourself that your clogged drain days are over! All for a price that won’t break the bank.


You can be sure that we’re going to get the job done quickly, we’re going to get it done completely, and you’re going to be 100% satisfied – guaranteed!

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